Various Types of Woods Used in Producing Acoustic Guitars

Guitars are available in different price tags and strengths. Some also give better sounds than others. One of the factors that determine the price, durability and sound produced by a guitar is the type of wood used in fabricating it. There are two types of guitars, namely acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Four different kinds of woods can be used in producing the former while two or three kinds of woods can be used in making electric guitars. For example, the type of wood used in making the back of an acoustic guitar is different from the type of wood that can be used in making its sides. Similarly, its neck, top and fretboard are also made of different kinds of woods. The tone woods refer to the woods used in making the back and sides of a guitar. They are very important in determining the tone of the acoustic guitar. Here, we are going to consider the various woods used in manufacturing an acoustic guitar.


Alder is one of the woods that can be used in making an acoustic guitar. It has a quality that marks it out from other types of woods. It is pretty durable even though it is very light in weight. When used in making a guitar, it delivers bright and clean tone. However, in terms of its durability, it lies in between as it cannot withstand heavy abuse but can still last for a long time.


Basswood is another wood that is used in guitar making. Though it is affordable, it delivers a nice, warm and gentle tone which can be compared with that produced by mahogany. The wood is also not very weighty. Thus, it is not very durable.


Though Koa produces a nice tone, it is not popular as far as the production of guitar is concerned. Its tone is comparable with the tone of Brazilian Rosewood. Koa is a very strong wood even though it is not weighty. Thus, guitars made from Koa wood are durable and also deliver quality tones. However, Koa is not a good wood to be used for the body of the guitar. It is best suited for other parts of the guitar.


Mahogany is highly cherished in guitar making as well in woodworking industry thanks to its durability. Acoustic guitar made of Mahogany are highly expensive. Their durability is unbeatable. It is heavy and can withstand abuse as a result of everyday use. The wood also delivers good tone.


Maple is another wood that is commonly used for guitar making. Normally, it is used in making the neck of guitars. The warm and darker tone of a guitar neck made from maple can be counterbalance with Mahogany. Guitars made from this wood are highly durable, deliver bright and true sound and are of moderate weight.

Rosewood is a pricey wood in guitar making industry because of its ability to deliver quality warm tone. The wood is very heavy and durable and thus it can withstand abuse and harsh conditions. It is commonly used in making guitar necks because it can be very challenging to apply finishes to Rosewood.